Combating the content battle.

Content is the most underrated tool in business, just, because we do not realise its value. 


Consumers want their items to be better, faster, and cheaper. To achieve these businesses cut their costs which do not appear to affect the product, content.  


But, content is not all fluffy features and advertising. Content is your product descriptions, your home page, and the reason why your customer does not click away! Therefore, it is the opposite; content is how they found you!  


A website is akin to the packaging of your product, irrespective of what, who, or where, you are trying to sell. It represents you and your business. So, how do you make packaging attractive and speak to the consumer? And, how do you achieve that through content?


Below are my top five picks for valuable content;


1. Readability - keep it simple. Less is more. 

2. Format - look at your layout and how you present your content. 

3. Error-free - first impressions matter. Do not let a spelling mistake lose you a customer. 

4. Concise - do not forget your reader and message with long stretches of text. 

5. Engaging - remember to add a hook, a reason why the customer wants to read on. 


So, remember always to keep it short, keep it sharp and make sure it makes sense. 


Click for example of content before and after editing. 


Click for example of hand-edited content.